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End the pain. Find the best spine surgeon.

That the best outcomes for virtually any spinal surgery procedure are most likely to occur the first time a patient undergoes that procedure.

The Spine Network can facilitate appointments with highly qualified spinal surgeons who practice across California including the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as Reno, NV. There is no charge for this service.

However, too often once a person is matched with the right surgeon, the battle begins with the insurance company to confirm coverage for the surgery.

To assist patients in dealing effectively with their insurance companies, The Spine Network of California has launched a new, optional Patient Advocacy service.

The Patient Advocacy service is a separate service offered by the Spine Network of California at an hourly rate. Advocacy services are limited to spinal surgery issues and are available regardless of which surgeon ultimately performs a procedure, whether that surgeon is a member of the Spine Network of California or not.

For example, a 36 year-old woman who had suffered two separate injuries while lifting heavy objects at work was diagnosed by her spine surgeon with 2 herniated discs in her lumbar spine (described in medical terms as a "level 2" injury, meaning that 2 discs are affected), and she was in constant pain.

The patient did have one surgical procedure a few years ago to attempt to fix her problem; a discectomy to remove the damaged portions of her discs to relieve pain; the procedure seemed to help for a while but the pain returned and grew much worse over time. Her surgeon explained that arthritis had also formed in the damaged areas, adding to her discomfort and loss of full mobility.

She soon learned another fact; that workman's comp insurance companies often won't cover a level 1 artificial disc replacement procedure, and will almost never cover a 2-level procedure, although a 2-level procedure is what most people need. For this case, the Spine Network worked with the insurance company to get the procedure covered.

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