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The Spine Network of California profiles renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Steven Garfin of San Diego, CA

Steven Garfin, MD is a world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the adult spine. He is Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California, San Diego, with a distinguished record of clinical excellence, surgical innovation, teaching and research achievements. Dr. Garfin and his team of spine surgeons receive referrals for care from around the world.

Dr. Garfin has been involved in the design, use and/or clinical trial assessment related to most new techniques that have been developed over the last two decades to treat spinal deformities, disorders and injuries. These include pedicle screws, lumbar and cervical anterior plating systems, kyphoplasty to treat osteoporotic vertebral fractures, artificial discs, and biologic alternatives to bone grafts for fusions. Dr. Garfin’s work has contributed to the development of international standards in surgical care of the spine.

Dr. Garfin has been elected as one of San Diego’s Physicians of Exceptional Excellence (Top Doctors) in Orthopedic Surgery by physicians in San Diego for 6 consecutive years. He has also been recognized as one of the nation’s top 5% orthopedic surgeons by Best Doctor’s in America®.

According to Trudy Maurer, CEO of the Spine Network of California, “Spinal injuries can be among the most difficult medical ailments in modern life. The problem is compounded by stories of spine care gone wrong, leading some patients to believe that there is no end to the pain. The Spine Network exists to provide quality care above all else, and as such has assembled the premiere spinal surgeons in the state of California.”

In order to join the Spine Network, each surgeon is required to have completed additional spinal fellowship training. Spine Network of California affiliated surgeons each perform more than 100 surgeries a year, which is more than any other general orthopedist in the country. “Our surgeons are among the most experienced spinal care providers in the country: most have been in practice at least ten years, and some have been practicing for more than 20 years,” says Maurer. “Their advanced training and expertise make them uniquely qualified to correct the full range of spinal conditions--from the simplest injury to the most difficult failed surgery revision.”

Dr. Garfin regularly trains orthopaedic surgeons, and often neurosurgeons, in spine care at UCSD. The spine fellowship is nationally recognized to be among the best in the country. His leadership in national and international spine societies has included terms as President and/or member of the Board of Directors of most national and international spine societies. Dr. Garfin has published over 260 articles, authored 120 book chapters, and edited nine books.

The Spine Network of California can facilitate appointments with highly qualified spinal surgeons who practice across California as well as Reno, NV.

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